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OptiMax 250 Sport XS

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OptiMax 250 Sport XS
OptiMax 250 Sport XS
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OptiMax 250 Sport XS

The One From Which All Others Are Measured

Those discerning buyers looking for the fastest 250 h.p. outboard on the planet look no further than the OptiMax 250 Sport XS holder of the APBA 1800 lb. Pro Stock Bass 250 and 1600 lb. Pro Stock Bass Low-Emissions world kilo bass boat speed records set back and never matched since 2002.

the 250 Sport XS is the power of choice for high performance bass boats, vee-bottom and catamaran sport boats capable of speeds in excess of 85 mph. Low-water pickups and a crescent leading edge design enable the race-proven Sport Master gearcase to operate at elevated transom heights of 27" to 30" (685 mm to 762 mm) for maximum efficiency and speed. Solid engine mounts, combined with solid engine mounts provides unsurpassed handling.

The new 250 Sport XS comes with a two-year warranty and available one-year product protection plan.

  • Two-year limited warranty for recreational boating and three-year limited corrosion warranty
  • Features the SmartCraft Engine Guardian system, which monitors engine functions to forewarn of possible problems that could lead to engine damage
  • The direct fuel injection air compressor features a lightweight pulley, along with the use of maxi-coated carbon steel bolts for enhanced compressor durability
  • Electronic multipoint lubrication system delivers precise amounts of oil where and when it's needed.
  • High-performance rubber-coated reed blocks cushion five-petal, single-stage carbon fiber reeds for enhanced reed life without sacrificing performance
  • A heavy-duty propshaft enhances the durability of the 3.0-liter Sport Master gearcase
  • 3.0-liter Sport Master gearcase features a radial discharge stainless water pump for improved engine cooling
  • 3.0L (185 CID) powerhead delivers unmatched power, performance, durability and reliability
  • The 60-amp, belt-driven alternator is the most powerful in its class
  • Solid upper and lower mounts and the race-proven Sport Master gearcase enable the 250 Sport XS to power single engine, lightweight hulls to speeds in excess of 85 mph
  • The Mercury-exclusive PCM microprocessor provides the ability to optimize fuel, spark timing and knock control for each cylinder independently, enhancing engine running quality and performance
  • Exceeds the fuel efficiency of many of today's large four-stroke engines
  • Runs on 87-octane fuel
  • The 250 Sport XS features a higher air/fuel pressure differential than production engines, enhancing running quality.
  • SmartCraft Control Area Network (CAN) system, a network of sensors and actuators, proactively monitors and controls multiple engine functions
  • Comes equipped with a 14-pin Deutsch connector harness, which incorporates engine ignition and the SmartCraft CAN wiring in one connector
  • Solid engine mounts improve engine response and overall boat performance at higher speeds
  • A unique two-stage, direct-injection system atomizes fuel into small, uniform particles, resulting in complete and instantaneous combustion
  • The fuel/air mixture is injected into the combustion chamber at 95 psi (15 psi higher fuel/air differential than standard DFI or OptiMax product) for enhanced high-RPM running quality
  • The Sport Master gearcase, featuring a satin-finished housing enhanced by a race-proven torpedo shape featuring less frontal area, reduces drag and provides increased water flow
Propshaft Rated HP 250 (187 kW)
Full Throttle RPM Range 5000-6000
Cylinders V-6 (60 vee)
Displacement 185 cc)
Bore 3.63"(92 mm)
Stroke 3.00"(76 mm)
Induction System 2-Stage Direct Fuel Injection
Ignition PCM Digital Inductive
Alternator System 60-amp (756 watt) w/Voltage Regulator
Gear Ratio 1.62:1, 1.75:1
Fuel/Oil Ratio Electronic Multipoint
Recommended Oil Mercury Premium Plus (TC-W3)
Required Fuel 87 Octane Minimum (R+M)/2 (92 RON)
Rotation Right-Hand Sport Master
Shaft Length 20"(508 mm)
Weight 505 lbs. (229 kg)
Warranty 2-year limited warranty for recreational boating & 3-year limited corrosion warranty.1-year Limited Mercury Product Protection Plan available.